Diary of A Madman – 01/22/14

Diary of A Madman – 01/22/14

Progress typically comes at the price of pain. In this case it’s growing pains. Recently, I’ve endeavored to revamp many of the site’s older posts. I didn’t start this blog/website with the intention of actively growing an audience. Until fairly recently, I was utterly inconsistent with providing new material. And the articles I did post were thin on content and thick with proofreading errors.

Then I published Nocturnal Wanderings. My first literary accomplishment demanded that my lackadaisical approach needed to change.  Early attempts at art features were truly wanting. I’m in the process of adding additional content to these older posts. Also, due to the site’s recent format overhaul – many of the thumbnails and images needed updating.

And sometimes it just takes time to figure out what makes for good reading.

Mithril HallI continue to reassess and improve upon my book reviews and villain of the month posts. You get a better grasp for what makes good content with experience. There’s also trial and error. The casting call posts continue to be a pleasant surprise. The recent one I wrote for Castlevania was a blast to write. A casting call for The Legend of Drizzt / Heroes of The Hall is already in the works for next month.

I’m also determined to continue to create and post my own original works. Writer’s block is absent and I’ve been productive. Having finished the sonnet about the Barrow Wights – the idea of writing more Middle-earth theme poetry is intriguing. Next month will also feature another excerpt from 14 Years: The Chronicles of Sir Reginald The Damned.

Polar VortexCool things this month? The weather. I guarantee you someone is already penning an Artic Vortex movie. Stumbleupon is cool in a good way. A big thank you to Jason Stershic, this site’s designer, for making me aware of this discovery engine. And the coolest thing this month was the Philadelphia Eagles first round exit from the playoffs. Embrace mediocrity, Philly. It will NEVER be your year.

As always – I thank all my readers for their support,