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“The Dragon Mug” By Mary Coover

“The Dragon Mug” By Mary Coover

A few weekends ago I attended The Arts On Fire Festival at the Scranton Iron Furnaces. This year the festival featured blacksmithing, glassblowing, and chainsaw woodcarving. But what really impressed me were the wares the artists had for sale. High quality metallic figurines, wooden totems, and clay sculptures were available for art enthusiasts to purchase.

But a particular piece caught my eye. In one of the stands, on a display table, rested this gem. “The Dragon Mug” by Mary Coover immediately impressed me. The concept of a dragon’s hand crushing my coffee mug was too cool to pass up. The sculpture was hand built entirely by Ms. Coover. The cup itself was formed on a potter’s wheel. The dragon’s talons are formed of porcelain and applied to the cup when they and the cup are semi-dry and soft. The mug is then squeezed (by The Dragon, of course) and a pulled handle is attached.

Mary Coover’s work is heavily influenced by fantasy and forest themes. Her detailed works often includes lizards, dragons, and other supernatural creatures. You can see more of Mary’s creations on her Flickr account. She also has a schedule posted on her website – showing what festivals she will be attending.