"Drink Bzrk" By Loopy Dave + "How much of a movie nerd are you?" Test

"Drink Bzrk" By Loopy Dave + "How much of a movie nerd are you?" Test

This artist does a wonderful job with this piece. It celebrates and pokes fun at fan boys of fantasy and science fiction alike. Loopy Dave is an Australian illustrator who specializes in satire.

Now on to the fun stuff. Your “how much of a movie nerd are you?” Test.

Having looked at this piece, how many items did you recognize surrounding the well endowed woman? The more items you recognized before focusing solely on the barbarian babe determines your level of geek-hood.

Bye the Bye – I will not be divulging my score.

A. Klingon bat’leth (star trek)
B. Spear of Destiny/Spear of Longinus features in the first Hellboy movie, ‘Constantine’ as well as a host of others
C. Holy Grenade of Antioch from ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’
D. Obiwan’s light sabre (star wars)
E. Xenas’ throwing chakram (Xena, Princess Warrior)
F. Mr. Pointy, from ‘Buffy the Vampire slayer’ – be careful – Buffy’s stake may not be the only thing you see if you google ‘Mr. Pointy’ – don’t say I didn’t warn you.
G. Davy Jones’s key from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’
H. Batarang
I. The one ring to rule them all from ‘Lord of the Rings’
J. Idol from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’
K. Necronomicon from ‘Army of Darkness’
L. Samwise Gamgees sword from ‘Lord of the Rings’
M. Flagon with the dragon (has the pellet with the poison) from ‘The Court Jester’
N. Asterix’s Helmet
O. Not from a movie – just my little shout out to Serge Birault
P. Buffy’s Sythe from the End of Days episode (yes, I am THAT nerdy)
Q. Hagar the Horrible
R. Necklace reads ‘LOOPY’, but probably too hard to see at this size

You Noticed:
0-1: Obviously you were distracted by the naked woman.
3-6: Impressive – not a true nerd, but you obviously knows a thing or two about pointless movie props
7-12: Let your Nerd Flag fly – a truly monumental achievement in movie trivia recognition. People may write poems about you, throw you parades and mention your name in hushed reverent tones. Then again, probably not.
13-18: Okay, now its getting a little scary – you obviously have god like knowledge of the topic at hand and us mere mortals tremble at your very presence. Unfortunately it also may indicate that you need to stop watching so much TV/movies and do something else with your life – you know, like your mother is always telling you.