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"Salem Brownstone" By John Harris Dunning & Nikhil Singh

"Salem Brownstone" By John Harris Dunning & Nikhil Singh

Salem Brownstone” by John Harris Dunning & Nikhil Singh is a stylized graphic novel. The tale centers on Salem Brownstone, a young man who has adopted a mansion from his deceased father. Salem begins to explore the mansion and gradually uncovers the truth about his father. Jedediah Brownstone struggled against The Dark Elders of Mu’brick: a race of shadowy beings seeking a magic artifact now in Salem’s possession.

The story is fairly short and very stylized. The ink pen drawings of the characters are eye catching, especially Jynx Monkey Girl, a direct homage to Theodore Seuss Geissel (Dr. Seuess) in terms of art style. The use of ink pen also creates a dark and mysterious atmosphere, complementing the story.

Salem Brownstone is a bit too brief. Readers would have benefited from a better understanding/origin story of Mu’brick or the mysterious Lola Q. Though Salem Brownstone is meant to be a short, art driven piece. I definitely felt a little content starved and thought the story too short.