Child of A Dark Prometheus

I am a monster. It’s been a life’s work.
A result of your tireless, irrational cruelty.
Your wretched creation, tormented by
The life I once knew. A life forever lost to me.
I long to attain a measure of peace through
Our mutually assured destruction my creator.
I will not be trapped as this monster forever.

A crooked path stretches behind me,
My miles of mistakes stretch on.
Inhuman decisions made against you were
Steps away from the memory of who I once was.
Someone who escapes me. I lash out again.
No longer caring about the blameless people
Who lie between us. So long as I get you.

The story is nearly finished. The angry mob
Approaches in the distance. Coming for revenge,
Revenge against a monster that ruined their lives.
You smile. We both know what they will believe
You were the victim no matter what you did to me.
People will remember me as the monster when
You were less human than I could ever be.