On Election Day

November came with another election.
We hoped for change that never arrived.
Promised prosperity and progress were
Causalities in this ideological warfare
Waged with deceit in petty politics.
Issues are created, we are manipulated.
Made to believe these campaigns are important
When what mattered went unrepresented.
Who will fight for what really matters,
When we are so occupied fighting ourselves.

The red Americans versus the blue
This great nation divided in two
Politicians pledge to bridge the divide
Knowing differences won’t be put aside
We’re tired of listening to what they say
Nothing changes on election day

November came with another election.
A hollow victory is celebrated and
Lincoln’s house never looked so divided.
The incumbent or the challenger,
Who I voted for doesn’t matter anymore.
The aspirations they champion
Are suddenly lost in their conquest.
We hold out for middle ground.
But there is no chance for compromise
In the distance between their party lines.

They say these colors do not fade
But the American Dream is being betrayed
By politicians and bureaucrats
Republicans and democrats
With no intent on changing their ways
Nothing changes on election day

November came with another election.
Washington’s warning ignored again.
Partisanship drove us closer towards
The dissolution of our union.
Our silence and inaction is shameful.
We have become springtime patriots
Damned by our continued indifference
In these times that test our souls.
Failure is the order of the day,
Nothing changes on election day.