Works: short story

Besides penning new Reginald short stories, I write other tales from time to time. I’m looking to take part in more writing contests going forward. The writing groups on deviantArt are a surprising good source for these. Below are a few entries I’ve submitted.

14 Years: The Chronicles of Sir Reginald the Damned


Reginald the Damned, is an ongoing short story series based in historical fiction. Reginald is a fallen knight, damned by an angel, after taking part in the murder of an archbishop. He must now atone for his indiscretion by fighting a 14 year crusade against the forces of evil.

The Story of Lifa and Sverre

This tale takes place centuries ago in a Norse kingdom known as the Reach. It is a story about the seasons and how they were preserved with an act of bravery and love.

Tasoula the Rogue

This was my entry into the fantasy contest, "Tasoula the Rogue". The contest is being held by the Realms of Fantasy group in deviantArt. The contestants must either illustrate or descibe the character given what details the creator provided.