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I am a believer in providing free content for those interested in my writing. I’ve included a number of free PDFs for download. Check back regularly for any new content.

14 Years: The Chronicles of Sir Reginald the Damned


Reginald the Damned, is an ongoing short story series based in historical fiction. Reginald is a fallen knight, damned by an angel, after taking part in the murder of an archbishop. He must now atone for his indiscretion by fighting a 14 year crusade against the forces of evil.

I, Dracula


“I, Dracula” is a narrative poem detailing the life of Vlad Tepes and his transformation into The Lord of Shadow. Vlad’s bitter rivalry with Sultan Mehmed, his resurrection by the Solomonari, and the final battle with Van Helsing are written in rhymed verse. Over 200 lines in length – I, Dracula is an epic account guaranteed to please vampire fans.