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Poetry as performance art was lost on me. I rarely ever recited my work in front of others. Nor did I attend any readings or watch any recorded performances. Poetry was just another way for me to tell stories.

This changed when Nocturnal Wanderings was published. Promoting my first book meant reciting poems for potential readers. I’m now attending readings and find them entertaining. It’s enjoyable watching others present their material and challenging to recite your own.

His Rules


Armored men scream their battle cry
Heard by victors and those doomed to die
The iron clad warriors struggle and strain
Driven to see their enemies slain

Into The Night


There’s no going quietly into the night.
No surrendering to inevitabilities of time
Or taking shelter in memory and old age.
Not when there’s still something to prove.



Why do you still believe you wander alone
Can you not feel my presence in this place
Hear my footsteps on this path I retrace
Through the course of your flesh and bone

Until I Awake


You showed up again while I was sleeping
A feeling as much as a face
You ask me all the questions that
I would never answer if I were awake...