Dance For Me

By Jason Zapata

From the refuge of a lonely rooftop
I watch paupers and princes fight
Their battles fill the streets below
There’s no reason to get involved
In the class warfare being waged
So with a half blind, mute charm
I walk self consciously amongst them
Embraced as the King of Fools

She is our singular commonality
This kind and innocent gypsy girl
Drawing crowds when she dances
A princess of the Court of Miracles
Where one can witness the wonders
Only thieves and frauds can create
She’s the only wonder I care about
So Esmeralda won’t you dance for me?

But such neutrality cannot last and
We’re soon embroiled in the conflict
I want to protect her and offer
Sanctuary from the Frollos and Clopins
Who covet and seek to possess her
Notre Dame’s bells are tolling now
And this war may have another casualty
So Esmeralda won’t you dance for me?