I, Dracula: Part Three

I, Dracula: Part Three

By Jason Zapata

There are some divisions no force can reconcile
My presence is a blasphemy the faithful resists
To keep humanity ignorant such evil exists
I dwelled in the Carpathian Mountains in self exile
Power and wealth I began to gradually compile
Plotting a conquest even God could not dismiss
Fulfilling my role as adversary and antithesis
The only purpose I held to be worthwhile

Long centuries passed with all suspicion eluded
Until I decided to conquer Victorian England
Whose power and influence continued to expand
Once there I planned to keep my operations secluded
Within strategic positions making discovery precluded
And amass an undead army no nation could withstand
I had only to wait for the solicitor to arrive in my homeland
Assuring the real estate transactions were concluded

Young Jonathan Harker wished to leave in a hurry
Having helped me acquire the Carfax Abbey Estate
Back to England where his precious fiancé did await
A discovery many documents and deeds would bury
Was her image which made my eyes grow blurry
It was my lost love Elisabetta Reincarnate
A miracle affirming the machinations of fate
As I gazed upon the portrait of Mina Murray

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