I, Dracula: Finale

By Jason Zapata

Past the guarded port of Varna I would sail
Where enemies awaited having arrived by train
But their efforts to ambush me were in vain
Relentless Helsing followed by mountain trail
Driven by his indomitable will to prevail
The brave men of the west invaded my domain
Once more blood covered this scarred terrain
And all my powers and minions were to no avail

Immobile I surveyed the carnage our battle wrought
A few paces away the Texan Quincy Morris lay felled
After stabbing me with the Bowie knife he still held
I could not believe the vigor in which Harker fought
My demise was the outcome he so adamantly sought
Holmwood and Dr. Stewart refused to be repelled
Driven to ensure their vow of vengeance was upheld
My campaign for conquest and love was for naught

“All flesh is grass and loveliness is the flower of the field
The grass withereth, the flower fadeth…
But the word of our God abideth forever!”

These words heralded the winner of this bitter contest
Helsing gazed upon my battered form with disdain
And swore that I would never see my beloved again
As he hammered a wooden stake deep into my chest
In a failed attempt to put my immortal soul to rest
The righteous may seek to destroy what is profane
But so long as there is light shadows must remain
Guaranteeing that Gods authority is transgressed

The new millennia ushered in my resurrection
Memories of Mina were a source of heartache
What new form would her reincarnation take
Previous defeats gave me pause for introspection
But could not dissuade my ingrained predilection
I’m bound within circles of tragedy I cannot break
Because His forgiveness I will always forsake
I, Dracula will continue my unholy insurrection


I, Dracula: Part One