I, Dracula: Part One

I, Dracula: Part One

By: Jason Zapata

By the Order of The Dragon I was knighted
To defend Wallachia and faithfully support
His holiness Pope Pius II’s crusade to thwart
The Turks who left Constantinople blighted
Crescent moons marked that land as benighted
Many prayed for the fall of the Ottoman Court
I never possessed a tongue for such a resort
Battle was the only psalm I wished recited

The Sultan’s claim of sovereignty I would refute
Treating his demands and envoys with disrespect
Turbans nailed to their heads had the desired effect
Of showing I held Mehmed’s authoring in disrepute
Denying him the men and gold he took as tribute
The riches of Wallachia were no longer his to collect
My beautiful wife and kingdom I swore to protect
Against my hated adversaries that were en route

Safe from danger I intended Elizabeta to be kept
But Poenari’s Castle’s walls could not withhold
The army of Romanian Janissaries that did enfold
Life in captivity was something she could not accept
So from the heights of her besieged tower she leapt
…She fell into the Raul Doamnei that ran so cold
The sodden remains of my wife I would behold
Tears shed mourning her were the last I ever wept

In blood soaked butchery I avenged the lover I failed
Word of my excessive barbarity became widespread
One act in particular filled Sultan Mehmed with dread
My forests of flesh made from Turks I had impaled
For days these dying soldiers screamed and wailed
As I gathered their blood in bowls to dip my bread
A mad king who surrounded himself with the dead
Giving no rest or quarter to the enemies I assailed

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