Path of Petals By Linda Bergkvist

Path of Petals By Linda Bergkvist

The moss, underneath the touch of her fingertips, was thick, and sticky; when she retracted her trembling digits, it clung to the satin skin. Stubbornly, bitterly; scented in a cloyingly sweet way that became almost overwhelming, as she rubbed her fingertips together.

It smells like blood.

That was her first thought, and it was strong. It nailed itself firmly to the walls of her mind, and lingered there as she turned to rush deeper into the woods. Soft, silky tears streaming down ivory white cheeks.

Pale blossoms clutched to her chest, as if their bridal-veil petals could somehow banish the harsh words she had spoken – and those that had been spoken to her.

It’s interesting that Linda Bergkvist included the text above with this piece. Linda is a Swedish artist who specializes in fantasy art. She likes to include Elves and the Fae in her creations. Fashion Photograph serves as another influence and we see this in the garb her characters wear in her paintings.

Linda’s work as a digital artist began when she received a Wacom on her 20th birthday. Her future ambition is to create a book on dark fairy tales that will feature her artwork. You can see more of Linda Bergkvist’s work by checking out her gallery on deviant art.

She also has her work displayed on her website: