My Redeemer

By: Jason Zapata

What Hell I have dragged her through.
This devoted conscience bound in flesh.
Rescuing me from fires of fault and flaw,
The flames of my failures sear her.
Irrationally she remains by my side still.
Faithful in her belief I will someday honor
All the promises I have yet to fulfill.
I caress her lovely face.
She is my guardian angel,
My would-be saving grace.

There is no abandoning this path I tread,
As it coils deeper into unyielding sorrow.
She’s radiant in the darkness engulfing me,
My salvation that refuses to surrender.
She sees all the noble acts I would commit
Fall easy prey to the infirmity of my nature,
Victims of the failings to which I submit.
Her heart has not hardened,
As I seek forgiveness for,
Crimes that cannot be pardoned.

How can anyone remain so patient,
When given no reason to remain so?
Despite this battle being a lost cause.
She valiantly confronts my demons,
Always without reservation or pause.
She is my Virgil in this Hell.
I would be lost without her,
My last and only chance.
My Redeemer.