The Art of Minna Sundberg

The Art of Minna Sundberg

Minna Sundberg is a Finnish Artist. She’s been creating art every day since she was a teenager. Minna didn’t start out with the goal of being a professional artist. With some goading from her teachers, Ms. Sundberg pursued an education in art. She attended the Aalto University School of Art and Design in Helsinki.


A Red Tails DreamBut creating her own art has been the best learning experience. Minna has accumulated a large and impressive body of work at the age of 24. Ms. Sundberg specializes in fantasy art. Important factors in her creations are perspectives, color schemes, and mood settings. She began creating digital art utilizing Paint Shop Pro and primarily uses Photoshop now.

Minna’s greatest accomplishment was creating the epic web comic entitled: A Redtail’s Dream. A story steeped in Finnish mythology that she wrote and illustrated herself. Ms. Sundberg’s tale centers on a boy and his shape changing dog. They are tasked with traveling to a distant realm and rescuing their fellow villagers. A whopping 556 pages long – you can enjoy this adventurous yarn here.

Like all great artists – her primary nemesis is procrastination. She believes in having a well rounding background and being familiar with as many styles as possible. Ms. Sundberg has no intention of being a one trick pony, but advocates: “Strive to be as awesome as possible at what you really want to do the most.”

I highly recommend you check out her official website at: http://www.minnasundberg.fil/

She also has a gallery on deviantart: