I,Dracula: Part Six

I,Dracula: Part Six

By Jason Zapata

Armed with stakes and rituals Helsing brought
Morris, Steward and Holmwood entered the fight
Filled with resolve these men attacked forthright
The demise of all vampires Van Helsing sought
So across London our secret war was fought
My strongholds were exorcized and set alight
In pyres that illuminated the fog swept night
As I reveled in the chaos our battles wrought

My forces dwindled despite new undead enlisted
During daylight raids my minions were killed
While night ensured mortal blood was spilled
Though wounded and battered the mortals persisted
My every nocturnal advance they staunchly resisted
Helsing pressed on despite the horror I instilled
Obsessed with the objective he wanted fulfilled
Slaying creatures of the night until none existed

A vampire victory could no long be achieved
Centuries worth of machination were a waste
I traveled to Dr. Steward’s sanitarium in haste
Though truth of my identity would be ill perceived
My honor demanded Mina no longer be deceived
Despite the horror of my nature we embraced
And my immortal blood did her full lips taste
At last we were truly reunited or so I believed

But Van Helsing’s men interrupted my visitation
Taking Mina away from the monster they abhorred
Already weakened another battle I could not afford
Abandoning Mina consumed me with frustration
And the mortals pursued me without hesitation
So a schooner bound for my homeland I did board
Within Wallachia my power would be restored
And I looked forward to a final confrontation

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