I,Dracula: Part Five

I,Dracula: Part Five

By Jason Zapata

In Mina’s loving company I became immersed
Felt the pulse of her blood as I held her hand
A temptation I intractably fought to withstand
What remained human of me feared the worst
So her friend Lucy served to quench my thirst
Fearful men strived to disrupt what I planned
Knowing nothing of the power at my command
They failed I feasted and Lucy became cursed

She was the first of the undead servants created
A mighty court of vampire nobility I began to sire
The English throne was power I needed to acquire
If Victoria was deposed my rule could be instated
For this opportunity long centuries had I waited
To rule men in defiance of God was my desire
And Mina would be empress of my new empire
Only then my need for vengeance would be sated

But the mortals I bested continued to interfere
Somehow Jonathan Harker miraculously returned
My love became an offence Mina soon spurned
Then Lucy did not heed my summons to appear
The cause of her disappearance became clear
Evidently my true identity had been learned
By a man sworn to deny me all that I yearned
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing a man without fear


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