The Art of Sarah Ellerton

The Art of Sarah Ellerton

This is a long overdue artist of the month entry. I am aggravated at the fact this is only the second entry for this year. This isn’t good enough. Artists like Sarah Ellerton deserve as much press as possible. So let me fill you in a bit.

Sarah is a comic artist and handles both the writing and illustrations for her current graphic novel, The Phoenix Requiem. A story she describes as, “A Victorian-inspired supernatural fantasy story about faith, love, death, and the things we believe in.”

01Sarah was already an established artist before she began work on her latest project. She has finished a five part graphic novel entitled, Inverloch. This series earned many nominations and awards from the Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards. This includes winning the Outstanding Fantasy Comic category in 2005.

Sarah enjoys traditional painting and her favorite artist is William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Some of the software she uses for her projects are Photoshop CS4, Wacom Intuos3 6×8, Apple 20″ Cinema Display.

If you would like to view more of Sarah’s work, I highly recommend you view her gallery on Deviant Art. She also has her own website for The Phoenix Requiem.

Ksendra by =artsangel on deviantART