January of 2010’s Deviant Artist of the Month

I’ve decided to start the New Year writing about the many artists I’ve recently discovered on the deviantArt website ( This site enables artists to post their work in virtual galleries and allow admirers to post comments on them. There are dozens of art categories and styles to browse through. In fact, over 100 million submissions were received by the site since August of 2007.

Steampunk Chocker

gypsie spirits by ~Hen-na-Ningyo on deviantART

The first artist I’d like to discuss is Vanessa Cook. She signs her work ~Hen-na-Ningyo. She is a San Diego based jeweler and artist who primarily uses inks, watercolors, and acrylics. She recently opened up an antique store named the Silver Key where she designs necklaces and pendants. The Steampunk Chocker is just an example of the impressive work she does.

Vanessa studied Animation at the Laguna College of Art and Design; she has also attended the Art Center College of Design, and Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Her many interests include Post Surrealism art, European fashions from the Empire/Victorian/Edwardian Eras, Kimonos and Japanese Culture, and Experimental Animation.

Vanessa has been posting images of her paintings and jeweler on deviantArt for over two years now. I highly recommend you visit her gallery and get to know her work. She also has a myspace account you can visit by clicking here.