I, Dracula: Part Four

I, Dracula: Part Four

By Jason Zapata

I resolved to acquire Mina and had Harker detained
The letters he wrote to her were gradually mailed
While my brides ensured his attempts to escape failed
Thus the illusion of Harker’s well being was maintained
As my passage aboard the Demeter was swiftly obtained
Those sailors never knew what that journey entailed
That it was upon a ghost ship in which they sailed
One by one their disappearances never explained

I dreamed of Mina as I crossed the turbulent sea
Asleep within the cargo hold of that unholy ark
Where the sun could not leave its scorching mark
The blood of the sailors I fed on sustained me
Until the Demeter ran aground the shore of Whitby
Adopting the form of a wolf I would disembark
Eager to begin my predations in the cover of dark
An evil the people of London could never foresee

During the day I walked the streets without detection
An awe struck tourist as far as anyone could infer
But I was very certain in what my intentions were
I sought to possess my long lost love’s affection
To re-consummate our tragically ended connection
I had restlessly sailed oceans of time for her
Our reunion an event no earthly force could deter
As I finally beheld my love in all her perfection

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