The Art of Eve Ventrue

The Art of Eve Ventrue

Eve Ventrue is a professional digital artist hailing from Germany. Her homeland is definitely an influence. Many of her character concepts are warriors clad in baroque looking armor, set in wintry landscapes. Eve’s work has great presence. One’s eyes are easily drawn to her subjects.

Hunter's Legend

Hunter’s Legend By Eve Ventrue



Ms. Ventrue has created art professionally since 2009. She specializes in character conception and illustration. Her work has appreared in the popular battle card game, Legend of the Cryptids. She was also a featured artist in imagineFX magazine.

Eve Ventrue attended the University of Tübingen – one of Germany’s most famous and oldest universities. She currently works as a concept artist & matte painter for Mackevision [VFX]. This company is a global leader in animation, visual effects for film, and interactive media.

The tools of Ms. Ventrue’s trade are the Wacom Intuos 4 & Photoshop CS6. Her favorite artists include Donato Giancola, Z. Beksinski, and Jia Lu. When she isn’t painting Ms. Ventrue enjoys reading the works of Stephen King or J.R.R. Tolkien.

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You can also view her gallery at deviantArt.