Diary of A Madman 11/26/2013

Diary of A Madman 11/26/2013

As you may have noticed – the site has a new theme and layout! Nocturnal Wanderings is now displayed prominently throughout its various sections. Future projects will be featured the same way. Its exciting to have such a professional looking platform to present my work.

I’ve got a number of ambitious projects lined up for the new year. The blog will continue to truck along, featuring artists and dastardly villains. Additional short stories will be made available as free content. Getting the Jester’s Mask published this year is also a priority.

The new audio section is the most important update for me. This was a neglected part of the old website. I undervalued poetry as a performance art for a long time. Not anymore. My recordings are now uploaded to a youtube channel that’s linked to the website. Neat, huh?

A big thank you needs to be given to Spectyr Media. The web design company behind the upgrade. Spectyr specializes in development, design, navigation, and performance analysis. Anyone interested in running their own blog or website should consult these specialists.

As always I thank everyone who supports me and my work,