The Art of Michelle Millay

The Art of Michelle Millay

Michelle Millay is a professional sculpture based in the Los Angeles area. Ms. Millay graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design with an AA in fine Art Painting in 1983. She is also an avid photographer. Michelle started her art career sculpting monuments for commercials and resorts. This included many memorable works for Caesars Palace.

Ms. Millay has gone on to produce sculptures for many prominent films such as Batman and Robin, Stigmata, and Transformers. She specializes in figure and likeness, as well as ornamentation. She has led large art department crews for such films as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and “From the Earth to the Moon” HBO mini series.

Archangel Michael and Demon Michelle sculpts in various sizes. What I find interesting are the materials she uses: Wax, Super Sculpey, Clay, Chavant, and Polyurethane foams. Her sculptures look like they’ve been chiseled from stone and generate the same awe-inspired reactions. I think of all the bad corporate lobby/ abstract art and wish it could be replaced with work of this quality.

What I love about Michelle is her emphasis on mastery of core concepts. 19th Century sculpture is her favorite. She constantly considers anatomy, structure, and design whenever she sculpts – like the masters of old. This is logical given her love of Michelangelo, Bernini, and Rodin. Ms. Millay has also worked hard to develop her talents in photography and digital art.

You can view more of Michelle Millay’s work at her website:

Also make sure you visit her gallery on deviantArt.