“T-Rex vs Samurai” by RJ Palmer

“T-Rex vs Samurai” by RJ Palmer

RJ Palmer is a young, digital artist hailing from San Francisco, California. His primary tool of choice is Photoshop CS3. Mr. Palmer’s work includes game concepts, character designs and landscapes. These works usually take on a fantasy theme. Not a surprise given his gallery is peppered with Final Fantasy pieces.

RJ Palmer has studied at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts and is currently a student at the Academy of Art University. He already has an impressive collection of work to date. Mr. Palmer’s art has been featured in Fantasy Flight Games – a Minnesota based game company. His talent has also been recognized in the Academy of Art University’s 2010 and 2011 Spring Shows.

Mr. Palmer collects art books and researches ideas on google images for inspiration. Some of his favorite artist’s include Kev walker, Jason Chan, Wes Burt, Frank Frazetta, and Andrew Mar. Being an avid gamer, Mr. Palmer is a fan of the design teams behind the Monster Hunter and Assassin’s Creed franchises.

I highly recommend you view his gallery on deviantArt

You can also view more of his work at his personal blog: