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“This Devil Won’t Cry”

“This Devil Won’t Cry”

By Jason Zapata

I plummet from the heavens in disgrace.
In this bitter moment my shame is complete,
As my body strikes the unyielding concrete.
The powers that be have put me in my place.
Never again will I know heaven’s embrace.
With broken wings and head bowed in defeat,
I limp along wounded, down this city’s street.
A son whose memory a father would efface.

My accusations went without rebuttal or reply.
Quickly, I turned from one you trusted above all,
To the pariah that all of heaven would appall.
The adversary. Your authority I vehemently defy.
Pride and defiance adverts my eyes from the sky.
I struggle to forget seraphim songs I still recall,
While refusing to let a single, sorrowful tear fall.
If I am to be a devil – Then this devil won’t cry.